If you do not need backups of your site/data, then we will reciprocate – TRIPLE the space of your account or 10% OFF your monthly fee. Now you have the freedom of choice.

We mirror our entire servers – RAIDs, custom virtualization of our machines, DNS and mail clustering, etc., so the effects of a hardware failures are reduced to a minimum. The “weak” link here then becomes the human error – overwriting an important file, making the wrong changes, and so on – we have all been there. If you are willing to manage your own backups then you will be “paid” for your efforts, in space or real money (that is, less expenses). Please note that the Backup page in your CPanel will always remain available, no matter what, so you will still have all the tools you need at your disposal. We will also help you restore, so no worries there too.

IMPORTANT: This is an opt-out offer – all customers’ data is backed up, unless a client explicitly requests otherwise. Everyone will be able to have their backup service restored anytime (in exchange for the chosen add-on, of course). So you can micro-manage as much as you want.