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Posts tagged "JavaScript"

CPanel tips and tricks

Since CPanel’s documentation is “perfect” and covers everything, I decided to post some tips and tricks here. Javascript: CPANEL.utils.toggle_more_less – function(toggle_el, text_el, state): toggle_el: couldn’t decipher at a glance what this is for, I use this, as per some CPanel pages’ code text_el: the id of the DIV to toggle state: either “more” – to...

How to customize Opencart’s search

The default OpenCart search is rather simple and can only search in the products’ names and descriptions. This limits the user in finding the desired product, which is a bad thing trade-wise. And this is where this article will come in handy, since there is nothing on the internet that even comes close to a...

How to cancel a postback/form submission via javascript

Sometimes one wishes to have a javascript, attached to a button/link/what have you, on a page that will, in some cases, cancel the postback/form submission. All one needs to do is simply set the control onClick (or OnClientClick, in the case of ASP.NET) to return SomeFunction(); and then return true or false in the function,...