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This is not intended to be a typical company blog. Surely, we may occasionally post some materials related to our web hosting services;
but most of all, we'll try to turn this into a helpful online resource, covering various topics in different areas of IT.
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Migrating Team Foundation Server to another database

Originally, we installed TFS in an SQL Express database, to test it out. Please note that we only wanted Source Control, Workitem Tracking and Build services, so we went for the Basic Wizard setup. Then we decided to move TFS to an MS SQL 2008 server, so we could plan our maintenance and automate all...

How to configure csf/lfd to work in a cluster

Having csf/lfd in a cluster greatly simplifies its administration, and possibly the load of the server, since any hackers, spammers and DOS-ers out there are automatically blocked on all participating servers. I am assuming the following simple configuration – two servers with, say, these IPs and, respectively and both have csf/lfd installed. Follow...

Backing up/restoring csf/lfd configuration

This article will show you how to back up and restore the configuration of csf/lfd. The task is rather simple, since all one needs to do is copy the configuration files from the /etc/csf folder to the archive location, or vice versa. The files are all located in the /etc/csf folder, as already mentioned, and...